Tomorrowland Festival

A true unique experience in VR.

Scopic proudly presents the first Virtual Reality After movie of Tomorrowland 2014.
In the summer of 2014 Scopic shot during the anniversary of the biggest festival in the world.
With 360.000 visitors spread over 2 weekends, it was an amazing project which has never been done before.

To make this VR experience extraordinary, Scopic got selected by YouTube to be one of the 5 content providers promoting their new 360° platform.
From now on VR is available for everyone and we are sure to see more of this content coming soon.

Please click and drag around, to see the world of Tomorrowland video.
If you have a Google Cardboard, even better!
Put your android phone in and relive the true immersive experience.

I was asked to color correct and colorgrade the footage to give it an appealing look & atmosphere.